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6 Advantages of chocolate those you never know

1. Youthful - Chocolate contains high level of antioxidants to prevent the damage of pollution or stress.

2. High level of Magnesium - help heart function and high blood pressure.

3. Prevent Premenstrual syndrome - Magnesium in chocolate helps to increase the level of progesterone that affects emotional disturbances.

4. Reduce stress - contains Tryptophan amino acid that can be transformed to serotonin, reduces stress without exercise.

5. Wake up and refresh - high energy and caffeine.

6. Cough relief - Theobromine in chocolate has perfomance in reducing cough without side effect.


Seaweed - good taste, valuable

Seaweed are used to drying, sprinkling, or ingrediant in varous food. Apart from good taste if you eat in moderation, you will get minerals those beneficially for body. For instance, iodine prevents goiter, iron helps the skin look radiant, copper absorbs iron and builds hemoglobin at the bone marrow, zinc supplements immune system, and fiber helps excretory system.


Do you know! Spicy prevent Alzheimer disease

"Black pepper is the one of favorite item for cooking or flavoring to snack. It contains more papperine to prevent antioxidance and alzheimer if you eat enough." - The research from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Khon Kaen University.


Is it true that excessive workout can cause sodium loss?

Normally, we lose sodium through sweat while exercising. Drinking water and eating food can compensate this. But if exercising or working hard on a very hot day, we are at risk of losing too much sodium. Consequently, only drinking water may not be sufficient as water can dilute sodium concentrations in the blood. This sodium dilution can cause cerebral edema, muscle spasm or twitching, blacking out, losing consciousness, or even death. Therefore, sodium should be supplemented properly by drinking electrolyte beverage after we exercise long, heavily, or in the heat. Some people may wonder why athletes who work out much more heavily than us do not suffer from this. The answer is that athletes who have endured long training do not lose as much mineral as other people do.